OEM Approvals


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If you supply lubricants then it is very advantageous to have your products included in an Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) list of recommended lubricants, or Maintenance Manuals.

Lubrisolve Engineering Solutions Ltd. can work on your behalf in getting approvals for your products, which may include their testing and evaluation in order to meet stringent requirements. We have the knowledge and the contacts in the industry to make the process proceed smoothly to increase your market share. The benefits of approvals for your products can be financially very rewarding.

If you are the OEM, then perhaps Lubrisolve Engineering Solutions Ltd. can assist you in the selection of suitable lubricants for use in the various lubricated systems incorporated. We could even guide you if you are considering installing automatic or semi-automatic lubricating systems. You could, of course, allow Lubrisolve Engineering Solutions Ltd. to compile your literature for you, as we understand the need for clear and concise documentation to assist the end user.

Discussions with OEM’s are often necessary especially when new equipment has been purchased.  Sometimes the lubricants recommended may not be available in a particular country or a query may be raised by the end user as to whether a recommended lubricant could well be replaced by either a rationalised or improved grade. Lubrisolve Engineering Solutions Ltd. can act on your behalf to resolve any difficulties or areas of concern.