About Us

Lubrisolve Engineering Solutions Ltd are a completely independent Lubrication and Engineering consultancy based in Somerset, UK,

and our business is divided into two distinct parts – Retail and Consultancy.

Retail Services

The retail sector of our company is where we sell a whole range of industrial lubricants, natural oils, products for the e-cigarette
industry and other  sectors. We also sell a  variety of packaging products and bottles/containers. Our products are sourced ethically,

and totally suited for the application for which they are intended, as they have all been researched and blended by industry experts.

We take pride in the knowledge that our products are of the highest quality and that appropriate certification can be

provided for everything that we sell. Our range is continuously expanding as we aim to serve new and emerging markets.

Our services and products are available globally.


Consultancy Services
We provide independent and unbiased consultancy and training services in Lubrication, Lubricants, Lubricating Techniques,

Lubricating Systems, Lubrication Equipment, Plant Maintenance and Reliability, Planned Maintenance Systems including

Maintenance Audits, and Condition Monitoring.

Why use us and what makes us unique?
We take a completely flexible approach to business, and we will adapt our services to suit each and every customer.
We have over 30 years knowledge and experience in the application of lubricants and associated products gained by working in various parts of the

world and with many different types of industries including Lubricant Blenders, Refineries, Paper Mills, Sugar Plants, the Power Generation industry,

Mining and Quarrying, Cement Plants and the Utility industry. We have worked with Transport Fleets, in the Automotive and Motorsport industry,

the Food and Beverage industry, Machine Shops, and the Environmental industry.
We have had hands-on experience with most engineered equipment that uses lubricants. We have worked with all levels of personnel within the
working environment, from CEO’s and Managing Directors through to Chief Engineers, Maintenance Managers, factory workers, artisans, students
and apprentices -  all of varying nationalities and cultures.
We have worked with not only global enterprises, but also small businesses that employ a minimal workforce but who are keen to expand.
We are uniquely positioned to understand how engineering equipment functions, how the different personnel involved influence the decisions made,
how the economics of running a business also play a significant part, and how it all integrates to make a plant run efficiently. Lubrisolve Engineering
Solutions Ltd is therefore well suited to work with you in a Professional Engineering capacity to support your enterprise.

We get involved!
Lubrisolve Engineering Solutions Ltd can ensure that you, our clients, are guided to the best possible solutions to meet your requirements
because we understand the issues you are dealing with.
Please have a look at the rest of our website where you will find the services that we offer. 
Our business is headed by a Professional Chartered Engineer so if you want professional assistance then call on us.
Our objective is to make you, our clients, better at what you do, better informed to make important decisions, and to provide the
assistance for you to achieve your goals.
If you are in business, our experience will help your business become more successful and profitable.
If you are an individual, we will guide you along the appropriate path.
We look forward to working with you and together we will make noticeable improvements to make you, or your business, the
success that you deserve in the 21st Century.