Lubrisolve Open Gear Lubricant


For the lubrication of all types and sizes of open gears including spur, helical, and bevel drive gears that are subjected to extreme loads, high working temperatures and water saturated conditions. A highly adhesive open gear lubricant that can be applied with a brush or spatula.

It can also be used where higher temperatures may be an issue as it possesses higher temperature capabilities than conventional open gear lubricants whilst maintaining excellent lubricity. Lubrisolve Open Gear Lubricant can also be used at lower temperatures without chipping or channeling. Uniformly dispersed low friction ingredients provide for high film strength, reduced starting torques, lower operating temperatures, and lengthened equipment life. Lubrisolve Open Gear Lubricant is bitumen free.


Lubrisolve Open Gear Lubricant is ideally suited for the lubrication of exposed geared systems of all types including spur, helical and bevel drive gears in steam and power winches, hoists, mill and forge equipment, construction machinery, power shovels, and dredgers, edger roller gears, shovel gears, bridge and lock gates, conveyor drive systems, hammers, booms, large slow moving ring gears, and many other applications where high unit pressures occur in slower moving equipment. Lubrisolve Open Gear Lubricant can also be used on specific wire ropes and cables where outer core protection is the primary requirement, as well as vertical and horizontal guide ways. Lubrisolve Open Gear Lubricant is totally water repellent. Shock and noise are reduced and uneven wear is prevented.

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Lubrisolve Open Gear Lubricant

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