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Lubrisolve Lawnmower Oil 30

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Lawnmower 30 Oil is a monograde engine oil designed to meet the specific requirements of many commercially available lawnmowers according to manufacturer’s specifications.

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Lubrisolve Lawnmower Oil 30 


An API SG/CF specification diesel/petrol engine oil which can also be used in many transmission and hydraulic applications for plant, off-highway and agricultural equipment which require SAE 30 viscosity.

Please check your owner's manual for the exact grade required, but in almost all cases Lubrisolve Lawnmower Oil 30 is suitable for your lawnmower.


Primarily for use in commercial vehicles, vans, plant, off-highway equipment and passenger cars where this specification of oil is required by the manufacturer. Lawnmower Oil SAE 30 is also commonly used in many types of smaller agricultural machinery, such as 4 stroke petrol-engined lawnmowers


  • Formulated with mildly enhanced anti-wear technology for added engine protection.

  • Incorporates excellent corrosion resistance to protect engine internals and components.

  • Enhanced anti-oxidant performance to prolong fluid life and minimize oil consumption.

  • Resistance to high sulphur fuels

  • High Viscosity Index promotes High Oil Pressure.

 Performance Standards

  • API SJ/CG – 4

  • MAN 270

  • MB 228.0

Typical properties

  • Kinematic Viscosity @ 1000C (cSt): 10.2

  • Density @ 15.60C: 0.888


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