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Nutrilube 320 Chain Oil

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A range of fully synthetic food grade lubricants blended with specific additives to provide for the lubrication of gearboxes and reduction units, and which do not contain mineral oils. 

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Nutrilube Chain Oils are ideally suited for the lubrication of chain drives by oil can, brush, or spray.


This range of products can also be used to lubricate chains via automatic systems or drip feed applicators, by selecting the appropriate viscosity.


  • Extremely good water resistance and oxidation stability.
  • Synthetic base provides a high viscosity index thereby ensuring a wide operating temperature range.
  • Ability to penetrate the links and pins and, combined with excellent adhesive and nondrip/no-fling characteristics, to reduce wear and extend chain life.
  • High degree of water resistance protects the component parts from corrosion.


2Probity H1 registered – BJ0523508

Nutrilube Chain Oils

Description - TDS

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Nutrilube 320 Chain Oil

Description - 2 Probity Certificate

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