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Nutrilube 68 Compressor Oil

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A range of fully synthetic food grade compressor oils developed for all types of compressors used in the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries.

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-          Low friction coefficient provides excellent lubrication and reduces wear.

-          Fully synthetic oil provides extremely wide temperature and oxidation stability ensuring greatly extended servicing intervals.

-          High degree of de-emulsification provides greater lubrication efficiency.

-          Low foaming reduces residue, varnish and scum build-up, so reducing maintenance costs.


Nutrilube Compressor oils are suitable for all types of compressors designed to operate in applications using the ISO grade recommended. Follow manufacturer’s instructions.

For optimum results, it is important to purge the system of the previous oil prior to recharging with Nutrilube Compressor oils.

Nutrilube 68 Compressor Oil

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